IamHero VR Therapy: Call for Survey Participation

Attention all therapists and clinic administrators: We need your insights! IamHero, in collaboration with the University of Naples, is seeking input to refine our cutting-edge VR tool designed for ADHD treatment.


About IamHero

IamHero utilizes VR to create immersive, engaging experiences for children with ADHD. The immersive environment captures their attention with engaging simulations. Customizable therapy is provided through games developed with experts to target specific skills. Real-time feedback tracks patient performance, allowing for tailored treatment. Additionally, experiential learning facilitates the internalization and application of therapeutic concepts.

IamHero keeps children actively participating. It leverages hyperfocus to sustain their attention and promotes experiential learning for better skill retention.


Participate in Our Survey

Your input will help us improve ADHD treatment with IamHero. Contribute to advancing therapy techniques and shaping a tool designed for better outcomes. 


Click here to fill out the survey


Join us in transforming ADHD therapy with VR technology. Thank you for your participation!


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