Transform Your Practice with IamHero: Real-Time VR Data and Dashboard for Therapists

IamHero is transforming therapeutic practices through innovative data collection and dashboard tools, revolutionizing how VR experiences are used in therapy to treat neurodevelopmental disorders among children. These tools enable the collection of real-time data during virtual reality therapy sessions, providing therapists with crucial metrics such as patient engagement levels, behavioral responses, and progress over time. This data is vital for monitoring and optimizing therapeutic plans, ensuring that interventions are tailored to each patient’s unique needs.


IamHero offers access to a comprehensive monitoring and analytics platform that allows therapists to track the progress and effectiveness of therapy sessions in real-time. This online virtual register is accessible at all times, providing insights into sensory and psychomotor activities conducted in virtual reality. The platform collects valuable data on activities performed, time spent, and user improvements over sessions. This capability supports therapists in making informed decisions and adjusting therapies to maximize outcomes.


IamHero’s dashboard is a pivotal component of their therapeutic approach, granting access to the data collected during VR experiences. Each virtual reality session captures information on completion times and assigns scores based on user interactions and achievements. The platform ensures compliance with current GDPR regulations, safeguarding the storage and use of sensitive data. Therapists can seamlessly initiate virtual experiences on their own VR devices, facilitating continuous therapy sessions and enhancing engagement.


The integration of these advanced data tools into therapeutic VR experiences highlights IamHero’s commitment to improving patient outcomes. By empowering therapists with real-time insights and a collaborative dashboard, IamHero is setting new standards in digital therapy.

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